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Physical Education

Welcome to our P.E. Page!

Our Physical Education classes at Sequoyah have been very busy and very involved in activities, which impact our students across the curriculum. Herein is a brief description of some of these activities.
3rd and 4th graders have the opportunity to learn about archery and how to properly shoot a bow. We have 12 Genesis student compound bows and 5 targets. Each student gets to shoot many arrows during this activity unit.

All students will be learning how to properly hold and swing a golf club. We have the opportunity to use some equipment and a program called SNAG Golf. SNAG stands for Start New At Golf. This equipment is extremely kid friendly. It has many unique teaching aids. It can also be used in the gym. This product makes success and fun very attainable. 

Fitness Games
Much of PE is used playing games that help with fitness. I like to encourage students to move by playing games that are fun but also cardiovascularly productive. Some of the games we play are Germ Tag, Everybody's It, Mario Bullets, and Steal the Bean Bag. We often play seasonal fitness games such as Turkey Round-Up, and Reindeer Round-Up.

Lifetime Sports
I am a big fan of lifetime sports and will be introducing the students to the sports golf, tennis, bowling, and pickle-ball. I hope by being introduced to these sports the students will want to be active adults. 

Looking forward to a great year!

Tag you're it,
Julie Oxendine
Upcoming Events:

*Bicycle Rodeo K & 1 (every other year)

*Recess Rockers 2, 3, & 4

*3rd Grade Kickball Tournament (District Wide)

*4th Grade Track Meet (District Wide)

*Jump Rope for Heart K-4

*Farm to Table 3 & 4 (every 3 years)

*Field Day K-4