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Third Grade

Carrie Shilling
Nina Bolton

Leighann Gordon

Shelley Ritter
Third Grade Curriculum

Saxon Math


Creative writing


Write retellings and new versions of fairy tales and folk tales

Embed literary language in writing (i.e. "Once upon a time...)
Third Grade Supply List

(3) packages of wooden yellow #2 pencils

(1) pair of scissors (Fiskers)

(1) box of Crayola Crayons—24 count—regular size

(2) 4 oz. bottles of white school glue

(2) glue sticks--large

(1) red ball point pen

(3) packages of wide-ruled notebook paper— 150-300 count

(3) spiral notebooks—wide-ruled—70 count (variety of colors)

(7) pocket folders with brads (variety of colors)

(2) yellow highlighters

(2) large pink erasers

(1) box of colored pencils---12 count

(1) package of pencil-top erasers

(2) boxes of Kleenex

(1) box of baby wipes

(1) box of Ziploc bags-—boys-gal. size, girls-quart size

(1) backpack